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What are the benefits to having a bank account?

By adding a bank account to your game, you can better control spending and budget for goals.
Having the bank account also allows you to collect interest to build with.
And, with your bank account, you also have the added benefit of being able to send MC
gifts to friends, or pay for commissions without having to go through shops or trades.

How do I create my Bank Account, and is there a minimum MC deposit needed?

To initially create your bank account, use the Bank tab on the top cross bar of the
user layout. The Mc requirement to open the lowest level, none. you can open your account
with no MC deposit at all. From that point, you can upgrade your account as you earn.
There is a drop list of the bank account levels, and MC amounts needed.
Your bank interest increases its daily amount, with each level upgrade you gain.
The account upgrades need to be set manually. so be sure as you make deposits
that you have upgraded to the best earning level you are allowed.

Now that I have my account, how do I collect my interest?

While looking on your bank account page, you will see the Daily Interest section.
Next to the amount earned, you should see [collect]. To collect your interest, simply
click that link. If you are not seeing that link, you have already collected on that day.

I see that we can have multiple bank accounts, what is that for?

Here in Mistica you can have up to 3 bank accounts. There are many uses for this function.
Multiple accounts can be useful to curb spending habits. Sort of like, ..hiding.. money.
Out of sight, out of mind? Or, you could have one acct for daily use, another for
holiday/gifting savings, one for larger pet/personal goals, etc and so on. There are
many uses, options and personal decisions to be made.

How do I make my side bank accounts?

The set up and creation of a side account is quite easily done.
To make a new account, just click the link under the bankers (Cassie)  image.
From that point, just follow the creation steps.
Once you have your accounts made, you will see a drop list of all of your accounts
in the main banking window. This makes it very easy to toggle to view funds and
collect various interest daily. Keep in mind, each account holds its own interest level.
You will need to go to each account daily to collect, or you will not gain all interest earned.

What is a Cheque, and how does it work?

A cheque is Misticas way of allowing members to send MC directly to other members.
If you have bought an art or writing commission, or maybe want to help a friend out,
you can send a Cheque. Simply choose the amount, and enter the other members name,
and send.
This allows members to not have to set items in shops for each other, or use the
trades boards to transfer fund and wait for them to be accepted, etc.