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Feast of Giving

Feast of Giving
(Late November)


The Feast of Giving is Mistica's version of Thanksgiving.  The typical colors of this holiday are autumn oranges and browns.

-Typical Items-

The Feast of Giving items are mostly food or turkey themed.  Most of these items stock with Rosebud in the Holiday Shop.  Here are some examples:

(Corn Husk Doll, Turkey Plushie, Pommekin Pie Slice, Smashed Taters, Turkey Platter)


2008 (November 27th)
2008 was the first Feast of Giving and it was a big success.  A bunch of items were released in the Holiday Shop.  An avatar was also released.

This year, there was not an official Feast.  However, the items from 2008 were re-released for a limited time.

2010 (November 24th)
The Feast of Giving made a return this year.  The old favorites made an appearance as well as a few new exotic foods and avatars.

2011 (November 24th, 2011)
In addition to the old goodies, new pals and food were released including Turkey in Disguise and Pecan Pie.  The news post was accompanied with a note from Zara expressing her thanks for Mistic and its community.

2012 (Nov. 20th -22nd)
This year onsite a few new items were released such as the Crystal Gravy Boat. Though more importantly, off site, with the help of our members Mistica was able to give back to the community. MisticPets helped the Salvation Army and delivered 10 coats to the News10 Coats for Kids Project! A big thank you was given from Zara and Ruthie to the community for helping make such a great donation and being a great community.

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