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Pound Guide
(with fees)

Pound Guide
Including Pound Fees

"Hai!  Welcome to the pound... er... the pound guide that is.
You want to adopt a pet, huh?  Splendid! 
Of course... there are a few things that you should know before
you go ahead with this.  Specifically, how much this will cost.

"The adoption page is located here: ,
but you can also get to it by going to the main
pound page and clicking the adopt button."

Adopting a Pet

"Here is your typical pound pet. 
The picture links to a hover box with all the pets' status. 
Beneath the picture is the cost and adopt button. 
Here, we are focusing on the Desert Cheran."

"When you click the adopt button, make sure that
you have enough mc on hand to cover the costs. 
Also, be sure that you have enough pet slots. 
Additional pet slots can be purchased from the
Credit Shop for 100 mp."


Adopting Fees

"In addition, you may notice that pets cost
different amounts to adopt. 
This is caused by a number of factors. 
Here is the breakdown.

10k per pet, base fee.
additional fee for Infestation, or Plagued pet.
additional fee for an LE pet
Belragoth, Braenon, Stignightus, Jinx,
Kyrui, Obsideon, Jumboyo, Izabel,
Panju, Kohal, Koko, Gurahdi
250k additional fee for ANY Pandoria Boxed pets

"There are no fees for any exotic foods
that the pet has eaten, nor books a pet has read."

Disowning Fees

"While they are significantly less,
there are fees for disowning pets as well. 
This is to prevent a flood of pets in the pound. 
However, unlike the adoption fees, this is one flat rate,
unaffected by boxing, stats, etc. 
The fee to disown any pet is 5,000 mc.

"You can access the disowning page here:
or by going to the regular pound page and clicking
the 'Abandon' button."
It is also important to remember when making plans
for pet changes, that while you can adopt unlimited daily,
you can only disown, two pets per day.

In Conclusion

"Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how my little
operation works.  I hope to see you around the pound soon!"

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